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UV Nail Polish Hardeners

Posted: 09/29/11

Some nail polish hardeners use UV light which can increase your risk of skin cancer. Stick with the standard stuff for now….

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Open House

Posted: 09/17/11

Openhouse1 Openhouse2 Openhouse3 Openhouse4

We had an open house with a great turnout. Everyone got to see the office and meet our staff. I put some photos of the event below….

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Ask Your Dermatologist for a Full Skin Exam

Posted: 05/18/11

Ask your dermatologist for a full skin exam. Half of skin cancers detected weren\’t the reason for referral….

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Our First Event

Posted: 03/27/11

Fourth of july steilacoom

We just booked our first public event. It will be July 4th at the Steilacoom 4th of July street fair. Come by our booth for skin cancer screenings and sunscreen samples and keep your fingers crossed that it is a nice day. We will be available from 9am to 5pm that…

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Pace Dermatology Associates has a Home

Posted: 03/16/11

Pace Dermatology has a home. Allenmore B Bldg. 1901 South Union Ave., Suite 3003. And a phone number 253-572-2842

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1901 South Union Ave, Allenmore Medical Office Building B, Suite B3003, Tacoma, WA, 98405
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