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New York Bans Teenagers from Tanning Beds

Posted: 08/10/12


Last month (July 2012) the State of New York passed a new law prohibiting anyone under 16 from using an indoor tanning bed and requiring 17-year-olds to obtain parental permission. The state\’s step towards the prevention of skin cancers is based on scientific evidence that the use of indoor tanning booths…

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4 Tips to Shiny Hair

Posted: 08/03/12


Any dermatologist will tell you that the way to wash your hair and the products you use are important to the way your hair will look, and who doesn\’t love a good hair day? # The more oily your hair is the more often it needs to be washed. # Conditioner…

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Avoid Green Hair this Summer

Posted: 07/24/12

Many people experience green hair in the summer. It occurs from exposure to swimming pool water but is from copper in the water, not chlorine. You can use vinegar, lemon juice, or special chelating shampoos. A little oil in the scalp and good conditioning before swimming can also lessen the green…

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New Topical for Actinic Keratosis

Posted: 01/30/12

A new topical medication for actinic keratosis could be more convenient for topical use. Read about it here and here

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Duct Tape for Warts

Posted: 01/20/12

Try duct tape for warts. Data is inconclusive, but it works for some. Read about it here

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