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Melanoma Apps

At Pace Dermatology we stay up to date medically but also try to keep up with the latest technological trends, particularly where it benefits our patients. One thing we discuss with our patients who come in for skin cancer screening is how to asses for melanoma, the most worrisome type of skin cancer. There have been several new phone apps that are designed to help identify cancerous lesions. JAMA Dermatology, scientific journal, just released a study looking at the accuracy of these programs. They found that the 4 programs tested on average classified 30% of melanomas as not concerning.

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These apps are not a substitute for sound medical evaluation. So please have your doctor check anything you are concerned about. Remember the basics of melanoma evaluation.

  1. A – Asymmetry
  2. B – Border irregularity
  3. C – Color, multiple or darker
  4. D – Diameter greater than 6mm
  5. E – Evolving

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