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Wresting Skin Checks

Posted: 02/18/13


This past weekend was the 25th annual Mat Classic state wrestling tournament at the Tacoma Dome. There were great wrestlers from all over the state. One important aspect to keeping the matches safe is to check the skin on the wrestlers. During the 6 minute match there is a lot of…

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Staff Retreat

Posted: 01/26/13

Staff retreat 1 Staff retreat 2 Staff retreat 3 Staff retreat 4

This past Friday, we had our first annual staff retreat. We focused on how to improve patient care and make the overall visit more convenient and less stressful for our patients. Our staff worked hard to learn how to work better together and improve our ability to communicate. We also worked…

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Melanoma Apps

Posted: 01/22/13


At Pace Dermatology we stay up to date medically but also try to keep up with the latest technological trends, particularly where it benefits our patients. One thing we discuss with our patients who come in for skin cancer screening is how to asses for melanoma, the most worrisome type of…

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Sun Protective Behaviors

Posted: 01/05/13


We still can improve our sun protection. The CDC reports numbers that indicate about 1 in 3 people get a sun burn every year. Only 58% usually use sun protective measures which include covering up, finding shade or sunscreen. Read more about it

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Holiday Treats

Posted: 12/18/12


Who doesn\’t love the delicious home-made food that we have around the holidays? We are all aware of the effects our favorite treats can have on our bodies, but what about our skin? Holiday Cocktails: Alcohol can make our skin appear pale due to dehydration and it can make our face…

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